12 inch Wafer Industry Atomic Microscope-LSCL

Working mode: Tapping mode, contact mode
Optional mode: Friction, Phase, Magnetic or Electrostatic
Force curve: F-Z force curve, RMS-Z curve
XY scaning method: Sample approching method, close loop piezoelect translation stage
Z scanning method: Proble approching method
XY scanning range: close loop 100um100um
Z scanning range: 5um
Scanning resolution: close loop XY direction 0.5nm, Z direction 0.05nm
XY sample stage: Motor driver, moving accurate 1um
XY moving range: 100100mm (Optional 200200mm, 300300mm)
Sample stage: Dia 100mm (Optional 200mm, 300mm)
Sample weight 0.5Kg
Z elevated bench: Motor driver control, min step 10nm
Z elevated bench travel range: 15mm (optional 20mm, 25mm)
Optical location: 5X len (optional 10X/20X)
Camera: 5mp digital CCD
Scanning rate: 0.6Hz-30Hz
Scanning angle: 0-360
Operation system: Windows XP/7/8/10
Interface: USB 2.0/3.0

Three-axis independent closed-loop voltage level shift scanning table to achieve large-scale high-precision scanning;

Three-axis independent scanning, XYZ does not affect each other, very suitable for three-dimensional material and topography detection;

Motorized control of the sample moving table and lifting table, which can be arbitrarily programmed for multiple positions to realize rapid automatic detection;

Gantry type scanning head design, marble base, vacuum adsorption and magnetic adsorption stage;

The motor is automatically controlled by the intelligent needle insertion method with piezoelectric ceramic automatic detection to protect the probe and sample;

High-power assisted optical microscopy positioning, real-time observation and positioning of the probe and sample scanning area;

The closed-loop piezoelectric scanning stage does not require nonlinear correction, and the nanometer characterization and measurement accuracy is better than 99.5%.