1¡¢Work mode: Contact orTapping (optional modes: Friction, Phase, Magnetic or Electrostatic)
2¡¢Sample size£º¦µ¡Ü90mm£¬H¡Ü20mm
3¡¢Scanning range£º20um in XY direction£¬2um in Z direction. (up to 100um optional scanner)
4¡¢Scanning resolution£º0.2nm in XY direction£¬0.05nm in Z direction.
5¡¢Range of sample movement£º¡À6.5mm.
6¡¢Pulse width of the step-motor approaching£º10¡À2ms.
7¡¢Image sampling points£º512¡Á512.
8¡¢optical magnification 4X£¬optical resolution 2.5um. (optional magnification 10X)
9¡¢Scan rate 0.6 Hz ~ 4.34 Hz£¬scan angle 0¡ã~360¡ã.
10¡¢Scanning control : 18-bit D/A in XY direction£¬16-bit D/A in Z direction.
11¡¢Data sampling£º14-bitA/D¡¢double16-bit A/D multi-channel synchronous sampling.
12¡¢Feedback£ºDSP digital feedback.
13¡¢Feedback sampling rate£º64.0KHz.
14¡¢Computer interface£ºUSB2.0.
15¡¢Operating System£ºWindows  XP/7/8/10.

1.Integrated scanning probe and sample stage enhance the anti-interference ability of the spring suspension system.
2 Precision laser and probe positioning device make changing the probe and adjusting the spot simple and convenient.
3.By using the sample-to-probe approaching mode, we provide an efficient way to prevent accidental cantilever crash.  
4.Automatic step motor drive controls the sample probe vertical approaching, to achieve precise positioning of the scanning area.
5.Sample scanning area of interest may be freely selected by using the high precision X-Y table.
6.CCD system with optical positioning achieves real-time observation and positioning of the probe sample scan area.
7.The modular design of electronic control system facilitates maintenance and continuous improvements.
8.The integration of multiple scanning mode control circuit, cooperates with software Operating System.