1. Single scanner could afford any kinds of scanning mode, including high resolution and large range scanning. The exchange of scanner from other device is un-acceptatble.
2. Sample movement working method, the probe is relative rest during working. Support fast scanning but probe movement method is un-acceptable.
3. Smart auto vertical approaching method, uniaxial motor moving the sample vertically close to probe to making the tip vertically scanning the sample and positioning the scanning range precision. The probe can¡¯t approach to sample , it is un-able to triaxial or three point moving probe to sample either.
4. High-resolution optical microscope£¬standard 5X¡¢10X¡¢20X¡¢50X long working distance achromatic lens£¬max optical resolution 0.55um¡£polarizing watching available.11.6 inch high resolution monitor with measurement system.
5. Scan head and sample stage are designed together with strong anti-vibration performance. The PSD can¡¯t be separate. Air float anti-vibration method.
6. Scanning rate 0.6Hz~4.34Hz£¬scanning angle 0~360¡ã¡£ ¡°XY rate¡±technical£¬support 1X/2X/4X/8X fast scanning function.
7. Multi-tunnel image capture and monitor in the same time. Watching the cross-section real time. Supporting mouse control scanning range, translation and cutting function.
8. Integrated scanner hardware nonlinearity correction user editor makes the nano unit surface measurement precision could up or over 98%.
9. Controller and software system integrated phase-locked amplification function can¡¯t compatible the third party electronic equipment.