1. Working mode £ºConstant height mode, constant current mode
2. Sample Size:¦µ¡Ü90mm£¬H¡Ü20mm
3. Scanning Range:XY direction 1000nm£¬Z direction 200nm
4. Scanning Resolution:XY direction 0.05nm£¬Z direction 0.01nm
5. Range of sample movement£º0~13mm
6. Optical magnification 4X£¬optical resolution 2.5um. 
7. Scanning Rate 0.6Hz~4.34Hz£¬Scan angle 0~360¡ã
8. Scanning control: XY 18-bit D/A£¬Z 16-bit D/A
9. Data sampling£º14-bitA/D¡¢double16-bit A/D multi-channel synchronous sampling
10. Feedback£ºDSP digital feedback.
11. Feedback sampling rate£º64.0KHz.
12. Computer interface£ºUSB2.0.
13. Operating System£ºWindows  XP/7/8/10
1.Light aluminum-frame design and disassemblable structure make carrying and teaching easy and convenient.
2.Scan head and sample stage (XY table) are designed together with strong stable performance.
3.Smart auto-approaching method: the step-motor motor moves the sample vertically close to the probe.
4.Coarse sample approaching tip may be made manually or automatically; in order to carry out precision positioning of the scanning area as well as to avoid an accidental tip crash
5.Side observation CCD system for watching and positioning the approaching probe and for real time scan monitoring. 
6.Springs suspension warrants good performance for vibration isolation 
7.Integrated scanner hardware nonlinearity correction makes the measurement precise within 98%.